The postwar fight against fascism

The way that the fascists in Britain were allowed to reorganise, after the heinous crimes committed by their friends in the other countries in Europe, has always fascinated me.

In the mid-1980s, in my search for material on the subject I picked up a second-hand copy of a book called Fascism inside England, by the journalist Frederic Mullally, which was published in 1946. It gave a good account of the fascist movement at the time.

I read it and then it sat on the shelf and I referred to it from time to time. It contains eyewitness accounts of fascist brutality at the notorious Olympia meeting in 1934 among other things.

Then, in 1998, shortly before a Channel 4 Series on the fascist leader Oswald Mosley was due for broadcast, another journalist passed me Frederic Mullally’s contact details. I contacted Mullally, who had seen a preview of the programme, and arranged to see him for an interview which was subsequently published in Searchlight.

To say that Mullally is an accomplished journalist is an understatement. He had worked on various publications and written numerous books over several decades, but it was about his early work that I had come to talk.

At the end of the interview I pulled out my copy of Fascism inside England for him to sign. He inscribed the book, which was over 50 years old,  with the words “in fraternity across the years”.

When I was looking for material to post up on this site I came across the book again, recalled the article, and hoped that I might be able to find it on the internet. Alas, it wasn’t there (but is now) but to my surprise I came across Frederic Mullally’s own website.

I emailed him and was pleasantly surprised to receive a reply from 92-year-old Freddy who recalled the article, asked me how I had discovered his website, and said next time I am in the area we should meet for a drink.

To read about Mullally’s fascinating career visit his website here.

You can read my interview with Mullally here.

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